mbc_start_01_ENYou are still looking for a powerful fishing diary ?

Not any longer!!

Mybigcatch is a great fishing-diary. It supports every angler in recording all big catches with necessary data like exact location (GPS), temperature etc.

Especially for Germany a large database of german waters is available and makes it easy for you to find all necessary information for your perfect fishing day in Germany:

  • Where to buy tickets ?
  • See segments where fishing is allowed directly in the map.
  • contact details
  • phone number
  • … etc




Of course our App is also useful outside of Germany. Currently it is available in two languages, German and English, but we are going to translate to more languages!



Mybigcatch is not only a mobile App, it is a family of four great programs for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS, which is really a great advantage!

Our used database is completely compatible within the Mybigcatch-family.













You can save all your catches in a compact database with details like

  • temperature
  • GPS coordinates
  • used bait
  • see diagramms and statistics of your saved catches.


You can also let mybigcatch calculate a best estimate weight of your fish!